Ghost Hunting Tips

Ghost Hunting Tips - EquipmentGhost Hunting is a fantastically fun hobby, whether you find something ‘supernatural’ or not. However, in order to have fun ghost hunting, and increase the chance of finding something ‘paranormal’ then there are a few things you are going to need to bear in mind. Here are my favourite ghost hunting tips.

  1. To start with, ensure that have permission to ghost hunt in whatever area you intend to be in. A lot of the so called ‘haunted locations’ are private property, and if you get caught on there then you could be in a whole lot of trouble. This is one of the best ghost hunting tips that I can give you.
  2. Secondly, always ensure you do your research about a location. How haunted is it meant to be? What are people’s experiences there (if you can, interview them!), you may wish to find out about the history of a location as well!
  3. Go into the haunted location with an open mind. This is one of the ghost hunting tips that you should bear in mind more than any other. After all, if you go in there expecting to find ghosts then you will quickly disregard every rational explanation that could explain those noises you are hearing or those smells that you are smelling.
  4. Always go with somebody else, not only to keep you company but also to ensure that you stay safe throughout the ghost hunt. Some of the areas are dangerous to be alone in, for example cemeteries or woods late at night. For this reason you should always inform someone where you are going.
  5. Assemble a team with a variety of different skills in order to ensure a successful ghost hunt. After all, no one person will be able to focus on controlling a video camera whilst also ‘designing’ experiments in order to capture ghosts.
  6. Make sure that all of the equipment that you intend to take on your hunt is in working order. You don’t want a vital piece of equipment to fail on you half way through an investigation do you?
  7. Make sure you take the right equipment for a ghost hunt. Whilst you can get by with nothing, the chances of catching something are much slimmer. This means you need things for recording video, a camera, EVP equipment, a digital thermometer and an EMF device. All of these are claimed to help detect ghosts.
  8. Don’t forget the basic essentials either! This includes door stops, torches and of course spare batteries! Make sure you take your phone with you as well!
  9. If you believe in ghosts, then you may have heard of ‘ghostly possession’, so find out the warning signs of possession and be on the lookout for it! You don’t want to get stung right?

Bear all of these tips in mind and you will find that you have an incredibly successful ghost hunt, whether you capture anything supernatural or not, you certainly will have a lot of fun doing it!

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