Ghost Hunting

We all have horror stories that we were told when we were a child. You know the ones. They kept you hidden under the blanket late at night whilst the light was turned on. Hopefully this helped to keep that bogeyman away for just one more night. Of course, those were just stories. Every single day people are seemingly experiencing the reality of hauntings, and where there is haunting there isn’t someone too far away who wants to carry out a spot of ghost hunting.

Haunted House - Ghost HuntingGhosts have been recounted in history ever since human civilization began. It only takes a quick browse through the history books to find out that people were being terrorized by these at every stage throughout history. It therefore comes as no surprise that people have been ghost hunting for a long time. It also gives a bit of an indication that ghosts are slightly something more than legend, it only takes asking people about their experiences to know that ghosts may exist.

So what is ghost hunting? Well, as the name suggests it is the process of going to a haunted location (or not quite so haunted location) and tracking down ghosts. The process of doing this can take place at any time of day, although for obvious reasons it tends to take place much later at night. As there is no real ‘evidence’ that ghosts exist, this is known as a pseudoscience, and many people go ghost hunting for the thrill as opposed to any real scientific merit. Although that doesn’t mean that people go hunting without actually looking for scientific evidence, after all, if anybody eventually proves the existence of ghosts, they will be very rich indeed. Often the people who go for the latter reasons are looking for rational explanations about whether something supernatural is causing a disturbance, or perhaps something purely logical.

Owing to the popularity of ghost hunting, there are a lot of pieces of equipment available on the market that can be used. Many of them allow people to search for disturbances in electrical fields (said to be an indicator that ghosts are in the area), or perhaps a piece of equipment which allows you to actually ‘talk’ with the dead. When you see the latter pieces of equipment in action, you really do get a sense that there is something in the tale.

It only takes a browse through the internet to see the amount of people interested in this hobby. In fact, there are plenty of companies that even run dedicated ghost hunts in some of the most haunted places in the world. It really is an exciting hobby!

Whether you are a believer or not, ghost hunting is completely thrilling from start to finish. Many sceptics try to come up with rational explanations for things that are happening around them, but what happens if you cannot come up with a rational explanation? What if ghosts really exist? Want to aid science, or perhaps scare yourself silly, then ghost hunting is the way to go.

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